Ruumiinmullat / Soil of Coprses

MG&RMJohannaTurunen (kopio)

Does your mouth taste like soil?

No worries, we will help you.

A death-smelling medication is now for sale.

Dosed into your ears whenever symptoms appear.

Ruumiinmullat / Soil of Corpses is an ensemble of three women. It cures people’s fear of death by using a so-called homeopathic method i.e. by spooking them more with death-smelling songs.

Members: Kalmo-beibe (Petra Poutanen-Hurme): vocals, kantele, qoudzing
Huutolaispoika (Hanna Rajakangas): vocals, igil
Museum assistant Mama Kaber (Tellu Turkka): vocals, moraharpa, udu

Kuu paistaa, kuollut ajaa:

“Kuu paistaa heliää,
kuollut ajaa keviää.
Etkös, elävä pelkää?”

In a song called Lämmin leppä (Warm Alder) a dead body is not getting cold nor stiffening and it even opens its eyes again and again: ”Like it still wanted to see and hear everything. You might think this dead person is still alive.”

Do you know people that make you feel blank and down for almost a week after you’ve met them? Have you ever met Talvisilmä (Winter Eye)? Here you will get a sample.

Are you suffering from insomnia? Is it a sin that keeps you awake? In the 19th century the church was the best one in terrorizing people, keeping them afraid. Here is a sample of a slightly revised, new version of a gem that was long ago removed from the official hymnal of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, Älä nuku, syntinen! (Don’t You Sleep, Sinner!)