Matka pimeään maahan (A Journey to a Dark Land)

An exhibition in Art Center Ahjo 7.–28.11.2017
Tellu Turkka: Matka pimeään maahan (A Journey to a Dark Land)
Image processing / serigraphy: Tellu Turkka

Every one of us have challenging parts in our path of life. I lived through a hardship that lasted five year, and at end of it, in early 2017, I was told that my body was in such a condition that in the worst case I might have only about three years left to live. Hard times raised powerful emotions but reacting upon them often made things even worse. Through my alter egos I found a way to materialize and live through the difficult feelings without suffocating them or identifying myself with them. The first character, a doctor of romance Hellä Hurmos (Tender Ecstasy), an all-embracing eternal optimist, followed blindly her faith and will to cure (and change others). My second travel guide on this journey was the fearless Mama Kaber, a homeopathic nurse specialized in fear of death, who can stretch the perspective so that it becomes more comforting. While Hellä was shaking out of fear, Mama was standing steadily on her feet. Together these two women walked through a gloomy, dark forest of viscera with a mission to find something that would help them (or me) to understand. These were the images that arose from my mind when I had to rest for the entire summer of 2017. At the same time, I received a confirmation: No worries. Thanks to my superb homeopath Marja-Leena Heikkinen and the ward 7B in Meilahti Triangle Hospital, my situation is now much better and I dare to look forward again. (Now there are only new stem cells donated by a dear stranger living in my bone marrow.)

On this journey of images, I was assisted by Karoliina Kolehmainen, a photographer who skillfully and patiently turned my visions into material pictures. Thank you!

You will find some of the photos here. Graphic art pieces are missing until I can get them properly photographed.