Maitolaiturin tytöt

Maitolaiturin tytöt (Girls of the Milk Churn Stand) presents Finnish hit songs of the 50’s and 60’s. The group was founded in 2015 by three folk musicians living in North Karelia. It has been praised, especially by people over the retirement age. Multivocal singing, moraharpa’s dark husky sound, jingling of guitar and kantele combined with the soft sounds of percussion adapt old, beloved songs into an old and familiar but still new and unprecedented mesmerizing format. 50’s and 60’s was the best time of Finnish pop, wasn’t it?

Tellu Turkka: vocals, moraharpa
Mammu Koskelo: vocals, guitar, kantele
Eve Pietarinen: vocals, percussions

Depending on the space, Maitolaiturin tytöt can perform either acoustic or with the sound system. Whether you need a concert or a dance, the group can do that.

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