DERT (Šilec-Turkka 2021)

DERT (Šilec-Turkka 2021)


Olen säveltänyt 9-osaisen teoksen upealle Karmina Slovenica -kuorolle Karmina Šilecin librettoon. Teoksen kantaesitys on Mariborissa 5. 3.2021  mikäli korona-tilanne sen sallii. Joka tapauksessa teoksesta tehdään cd. Artikkelin kuvassa Karmina Slovenica esityksestä Fortuna Fauvelu ne bo par!

Karmina Šilec 

Carmina Slovenica is starting the new 2020/2021 season with a study of the new work by Finish composer Tellu Turkka: Dert – edemic songs. The “open-ended work in progress” will be performed by the choir’s 24-member New Music Theatre Choregie.

According to the author of the concept and text, Karmina Šilec, the artistic director, DERT brings a “looser, secular conception of the myth of the choice which flattens the hierarchies between the poetical and the documentary, between stories and memoirs, historical and modern, diary and experiment, political and ethnical”. The premiere of the new project is planned for March next year.

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